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New dentures that fit and are comfortable

Are you suffering from ill-fitting dentures? Are you existing dentures over five years old? If your dentures are giving you problems you may need to replace them with new ones.

If you are edentulous, without any natural teeth of our own qualified Clinical Dental Technician can see you directly for treatment.

Do you need full dentures?

If you still have some of your own teeth, then you will have to see a dentist first for a referral to us for new dentures. We'll formulate a treatment plan with your dentist and make you new removable dentures. Partial Removable Dentures are available in acrylic or metal bases. Cobalt chrome partial dentures use clasps or wires to click over natural teeth to allow them to stay in place.

Are some of your natural teeth remaining?

At  Northwich Denture Clinic you will receive a one-to-one personal service. Our dentures are made in-house so there is no third party involved. From the first examination right through to you leaving with a brand new smile, you will have been treated by the same person in the same place with dentures that fit comfortably and are cosmetically pleasing.

Have you broken or damaged your dentures? We offer an emergency service within two hours.

For new dentures made to the highest standards contact us in Northwich on:

01606 49405

"I had new dentures made as my old ones had worn out. I could not be more pleased with the result. The service was excellent. Michael took such great care and listened to what I was looking for. The new dentures are so comfortable and it has made me feel more confident. I highly recommend this clinic".


A male patient wanting character in his smile. Please note the irregular setting of the teeth and natural contouring of the gingiva for realistic cosmetics.